Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Part of a once great empire

The steps to the left say it all. Site specific hand tiled words, "Purnell Motors". The site last dealt SAAB and Land Rover vehicles.

1222cc of brutal POWER

1222cc of brutal POWER by frontdrive34
1222cc of brutal POWER, a photo by frontdrive34 on Flickr.

I've owned two of these. Mine were both wagons. So much fun to drive and so well engineered. Slippery body, all independant self levelling suspension, 4 wheel high power disc brakes, flt 4 air cooled enging, front wheel drive.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jump dogs

Jump dogs by frontdrive34
Jump dogs, a photo by frontdrive34 on Flickr.

I'd never heard about dog jumping competitions before but it was a great start to the Rodeo at the 2012 Camden Show. These dogs were without doubt the keenest dogs I've ever seen. The winner jumped to a height of around 2.0 metres!

Greased back.

* by frontdrive34
*, a photo by frontdrive34 on Flickr.

The greased back hair and the turned up shirt sleeve were clearly a look this guy has worn for many decades. Some guys need to let go of their youth but this guy held on to his with style! Suited him too

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ron's car.

Ron's car. by frontdrive34
Ron's car., a photo by frontdrive34 on Flickr.

I finally met the owner of this old Holden Kingswood today. He lives a few streets away and I'd seen his car in the drive before.

Today he was in my street visiting a woman a few doors down whose name is Muriel. Fancy that, I have a Muriel in my street! I asked had he owned the car from new but no it was about one year old when he got it. He did seem to think it was older than it actually is though. The years 1940's were mentioned! Nice to meet the owners of long term owned vehicles.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Festival by frontdrive34
Festival, a photo by frontdrive34 on Flickr.

I went to the 2011 Auburn Festival today. I'd never heard of it before and learnt it was on earlier in the week.

It was a great cultural mix with all the usual carnival rides, stall holders selling things I'd never buy and a great food selection as varied as Hot Dogs through to Dutch food cooked and served by Muslim girls! I opted for the Philippine plate with a chicken skewer, noodle salad and very meaty spring rolls plus a side dish of a banana spring roll. Very tasty.

There were two entertainment stages which showcased an endless mix from an Oud/wooden flute/drum/accordian trio playing Turkish music through to an Etheopian Gospel choir.

The local dress style for 14 - 20 year old arabic boys was clearly anything with the brand "Henley" written across it.

A great day out.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Green Acres

Green Acres by frontdrive34
Green Acres, a photo by frontdrive34 on Flickr.

No wise words here.

I'm getting low on Polaroid 125i film so I only use it when the light is right so it doesn't get wasted. I'm extremely happy with the framing I got on this shot (the Zeiss rangefinder I put on my Polaroid 103 was worth it) and the colours I'm loving. 125i seems to give mainly blue bias but the reds seem to always go that washed out "salmon" which is a faved colour.